Hi, I'm edgarseis!

I’m an illustrator for the city and democracy based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. I design and illustrate for sustainability, political participation, community-building, urban transport, and related projects. Every now and then I illustrate for animation.

I also made this website from scratch.

Do you have an awesome project in the works? Feel free to contact me.

I'm also open to commisions and friendly conversation.

Substance goes before Surface. Quite a lot of thinking and experimentation goes into illustration and design. Something pretty, something pleasing… that's decoration. We need to get a message across, sometimes very subtlely. Aesthetic elements must obey the meaning that they wish to convey.

If you're interested. Here is my resume.

My favorite people to work with:

Cuadra Urbanismo / Wikipolítica / Germina / Alpaca Creative Media / Liga Peatonal / Territorio / MiBici Pública

More about me

I love graphic narrative in the form of comic books, webcomics, animated series, awesome posters and sweet infographics. I listen to Gorillaz and read Roberto Bolaño. I like the visual style of Saul Bass, Linier's comic strips and anything Yumi Sakugawa. I’m mostly a pedestrian, but also an occasional urban cyclist. I’m allergic to raw apples.

I was born in Houston, Texas the same year Terminator 2 hit theaters. I spent most of my childhood in the USA. After the turn of the millenium my family moved to Mexico and we hopped from city to city for a while. I studied Communication Science at ITESM Campus Guadalajara and later studied a Master in Design & Illustration at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain.