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Carfree Illustrations

— Red Universitaria para la Movilidad

Carfree Illustrations —

2015 – 2016

Modern city expansion is difficult to deal with. Everything is "far away", we lack friendly modes of transportation, and infrastructure investment is mainly destined to wider lanes. The result is we're overrun by cars!

I'd prefer a city where I can ride a bike without fear. A city where I can ride slow and safely. A city where I don't need to wear a helmet to get somewhere. A city where I can walk. Simple as that. However, urban sprawl is a highly politicized subject and has many economic interests at play.

A few years back I was part of the Red Universitaria para la Movilidad (University Network for Transportation), or RUM for short. It sounds highly technical, but it was more about students from different universities who wanted a friendlier city. We organized conferences, protests, and other fun activities to get people on board the idea of going carfree.

I'm not actively participating in the RUM anymore, but here are a few of the illustrations I've made regarding alternative modes of transport.

Why can't we have decent transport?
Get out of the car and ride the city. September 22, World Carfree Day.