Charter of Pedestrian Rights — Liga Peatonal


Charter of Pedestrian Rights

— Liga Peatonal

Charter of Pedestrian Rights —

April 2016

This is a colaboration with Liga Peatonal (Pedestrian League), an organization that defends pedestrians all over Mexico. They wrote the text and the concept, I drew the drawings.

It is not a law or a set of rules. It is a dream we take very seriously: a city that is kind and safe for every form of person that inhabits it. It is an illustrated reinterpretation of the original Mexican Charter of Pedestrian Rights.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Illustrated Charter of Pedestrian Rights. If you're interested in a version for printing, you can contact the Pedestrian League.

The Illustrated Charter of Pedestrian Rights has gone on tour around the world and has been translated to English, Portugues, Italian, Chinese and Finnish. The original text is in Spanish. If you want to help us translate it further, please tell Claudina de Gyves!

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