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February 2017

#SinVotoNoHayDinero is, in a nutshell, a realistic attempt to reduce the massive amount of public funding that is handed over to political parties.

"We believe that the parties receive too much public money and that this formula does not make efforts to get the popular vote. Our proposal is to change the formula so that instead of multiplying the electoral roll, we multiply the valid votes cast (total votes minus blank votes) by 65% of a UMA. This would cause the parties to have to make an effort to get people to vote in the elections and in 2015, would have meant a 65% saving (the parties would have received 1.8 billion pesos)."
What we propose — #SinVotoNoHayDinero

FYI, with the current formula, in 2015 the parties received a total of 4 billion pesos.

Anyway, the initiaive has been getting a lot of attention and we, illustrators and designers that participate in Wikipolítica, got together to make a series of posters and invite more illustrators and designers to make their own.

This is the result:

"My vote will be a seed that grows."

Works by some of the collaborating artists

Artist: Impronta
Artist: Ladancé
Artist: La Puga
Artist: Telepedro
Artist: Isabel de Lara
Artist: Isabel de Lara
Artist: Fery Hernández
Artist: Amairani Villegas
Artist: Lilia Miller